Could Invisalign in Hertfordshire get your smile back on track?


Putting a smile back on your face

Here at Elegance Dental, our committed dental practitioners are happier than ever to be back doing what we do best, making you, our patients, smile.

We know that the past year has been difficult for everyone and that getting dental care and cosmetic treatments such as Invisalign Hertfordshire has been harder than ever.

However now, as things gradually ease and normality resumes, we are welcoming patients with open arms and committing ourselves to restoring any and all smiles back to full health.

Living with teeth that are visibly out of place or crooked looking can not only wear down a patient’s self-esteem and confidence, but it can also leave them susceptible to a lot of dental health issues.

This is why we thoroughly advise anyone who believes their smile is not straight enough to speak with one of our dental experts about Invisalign Hertfordshire.

What is Invisalign Hertfordshire?

Often, when our patients consider orthodontic treatments, they limit their thinking purely to conventional, metallic braces.

Although these are an option for realigning crooked teeth, they are not the only option. Nowadays there are several forms of cosmetic or discreet orthodontic treatments that allow you to completely reshape and realign your smile – without affecting how you look whilst doing so.

Invisalign is one such treatment and has received massive popularity and acclaim across the globe since it was first launched in 2001.

The basis of the Invisalign system is to swap fixed brackets and wires for a removable, transparent plastic retainer.

This retainer is made from a mould of each patient’s unique tooth shape and structure and has pressure points inside it that gradually force the teeth that have been identified as crooked into their proper spaces.

As every Invisalign retainer is transparent and made to fit precisely over a patient’s teeth, when it is worn it totally slips out of view. This allows the patient to undergo dental realignment – without alerting any unwanted attention to themselves in the process.

What are the advantages to Invisalign?

Besides the obvious cosmetic advantages that the Invisalign retainer system affords patients, there are also several other appeals of the treatment over conventional braces. One such appeal is the fact that patients can remove their dental retainer whenever they feel like it.

This removability is something that few other forms of dental alignment offer patients and gives Invisalign patients the unique ability to mould their treatment schedules around their lives – such as choosing to remove their retainer when at work or in school or attending an important social event, but only for a very short time.

Another advantage to Invisalign is that it’s commonly found to be a far more relaxed and comfortable way to achieve a straighter smile – as nothing is ever attached anywhere within the patient’s mouth.

Patients who choose Invisalign treatment are also massively reducing the risk of contracting any gum infections, such as gingivitis or periodontal disease, as there are fewer spaces and gaps in which plaque can form. If you’d like to find out whether our skilled Invisalign practitioners could help you get control over your oral health and smile, then call us here at Elegance Dental today and book a consultation.

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