Discover how your smile could be improved through Invisalign in Hertfordshire


Take the initiative

A large number of patients across the UK are currently in need of dental realignment. This is nothing new and has been the cause of a number of stereotypes and prejudices for many years. While many patients of all ages across the country are currently in vital need of dental realignment, to achieve a straighter, healthier and more cohesive smile – a large portion of them refrain from seeking out the vastly needed treatment from us here at Elegance Dental. This is largely due to their misunderstanding around how the treatments they require will affect their outward appearance. The days of large and unsightly head-gear are very much a thing of the past, and here at Elegance Dental, we are proud providers of discreet methods of dental realignment such as Invisalign in Hertfordshire, which helps our patients achieve the smile they desire – without impacting their outward appearance.

What on earth is Invisalign?

You’ve probably heard of the Invisalign retainer system at some point or other, but in case you’ve been living on the moon for the past few decades, here is a brief description of this revolutionary new method of orthodontics. In the past, almost every form of orthodontic realignment would involve fused metal braces, and connecting wires. Whilst these tools are effective, they are often negatively received – largely due to their impact on the appearance of patients who use them. Invisalign in Hertfordshire however, works with an altogether different method whereby these conventional tools are swapped for a removable, clear retainer. This retainer is created using a specialist dental plastic called Smarttrack, and has specifically targeted pressure points inside it, which gradually and gently push the patient’s teeth back to their correct specification when worn throughout treatment. One of the main appeals of Invisalign in Hertfordshire, over other, more conventional methods of dental realignment, is the discretion that the procedure affords its patients. Whilst those who are undergoing conventional braces may struggle to hide their orthodontics throughout treatment, the Invisalign method is practically undetectable to the untrained eye. This is because each Smarttrack retainer is transparent and 3D printed to perfectly fit around the patient’s teeth. As such, when it is worn it becomes almost invisible – which is one of the main attractions of the system.

Undertaking the Invisalign journey with us

If you decide that Invisalign is the right course of action for your dental journey from us here at Elegance Dental, you would initially have a consultation. We are proud members of the MiSmile Network, which is the largest provider of Invisalign across the country, and as such we strive to ensure that each patient receives the highest possible standard of care. This consultation period allows us to assess if you will be eligible for Invisalign treatment, as well as to detail the process and show you how your smile could benefit from it. It is also during this consultation that our dentist will take a digital scan of the interior of your mouth, through our state-of-the-art iTero scanner. This allows us to make a fully accurate 3D rendering of your teeth, from which the custom built Invisalign aligner set will be formed. The iTero scanner also provides us with the ability to illustrate to you how your smile will look after you have completed your course of Invisalign treatment – which is usually a greatly beneficial tool in swaying any would-be patients into fully committing to the procedure.

Virtual Consultation

We offer free virtual consultations for Invisalign and Composite Bonding.