FAQs about Invisalign aligners answered


If you have been online looking for a way to straighten your teeth as an adult, you will have undoubtedly seen adverts relating to invisible aligners.

These have changed the face of adult and even teenage orthodontic care, meaning that now it is possible to get your teeth straightened without needing to rely on fitted metal braces. As you can imagine, in the adult world, that is a real improvement, especially if you need to give talks at work on a daily basis!

When you come to Elegance Dental, our team will always help you to get the straighter smile that you want and will be more than happy to assess you for Invisalign Hertfordshire. These aligners are, as the name suggests, invisible (or the closest thing to it) and can really make the entire dental realignment process easier.

But before you zoom off to book an appointment with us to have Invisalign Hertfordshire fitted, you will likely have some questions, and in this article, our team answers 5 of the most common ones that we are asked.

How does the process work?

Invisalign Hertfordshire works through its custom-fitted design and its use of vector points.

In short, if we deem you suitable for this aligner, we will take an intraoral scan of your mouth and then send this image to a dental laboratory. This image will then go through a 12 to 14 step process to straighten it digitally, which will then be printed into the clear aligners, with each one representing a set step in the process. When applied to your teeth and worn in the correct order, this realignment process gently pushes your teeth into the desired locations without needing to rely on pulling the teeth.

How long does it take?

The process of straightening your teeth takes between 3 to 6 months when you use invisible aligners on average.

This may be slightly longer, especially if your dental misalignment is a bit more complicated. But our team at Elegance Dental will be able to give you a more accurate estimate of how long the process will take in your case.

Will it be uncomfortable?

When you change between the aligners, it may be slightly uncomfortable, as they will feel tighter than the aligner that has been removed.

However, you have to note that the aligners will also need to move your teeth, so they may feel more uncomfortable than you initially thought, but this discomfort should be manageable with over-the-counter pain relief.

If you are experiencing extreme levels of discomfort with the aligners, please call our team.

Can anyone wear these aligners?

You need to have been deemed to have a mild to moderate case of dental misalignment to be suitable for treatment with invisible aligners.

So, if you have a more complicated case that involves straightening your molar teeth, rotating a tooth or a misalignment that has extreme protrusions, then you would probably be more suitable for a fitted metal brace.

Are these aligners more expensive than braces?

In most cases, invisible aligners are less expensive than invisible braces as they do not require tightening or adjusting. And our team at Elegance Dental can offer financing options for suitable patients, so call us for more information.

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