FAQs about Invisalign Hertfordshire answered


When you have misaligned teeth as an adult or teenager, you may believe that the only way to correct the issue is with the use of a fitted metal brace.

Over the last 10 years, however, there has been something of an upheaval in adult orthodontic care, and now, most patients who have misaligned teeth can benefit from the use of invisible aligners. Great stuff!

When you come to see our team at Elegance Dental, we would be happy to discuss any realignment possibilities with you using one of our orthodontic methods, which include the infamous Invisalign Hertfordshire. This aligner is custom fitted to slot over your teeth like a sports guard and gradually applies pressure to your teeth to gently push them into the desired locations.

If you want to learn a bit more about Invisalign Hertfordshire, how it works, or whether or not you would be suitable for it, please read the following article written by our team.

Who is suitable for invisible aligners?

The majority of dental patients who have mild to moderate misalignments at the front of their mouths are indeed suitable for treatment with Invisalign Hertfordshire.

For this aligner to work, you cannot have any signs of a complex misalignment and you cannot have any underlying problems with the straightness or angle of your molar teeth, as this would require you to wear a fitted orthodontic brace to correct.

How do they work?

When you first visit our team at Elegance Dental to assess your suitability for invisible aligners, we will take an intraoral scan of your teeth if we deem you to be a good candidate. The image from the scan will then be sent to a dental laboratory that will use specialised computer technology to digitally move the teeth in the image into the desired locations.

This will then be simulated and reconstructed using a 3-dimensional aligner, which will then be printed using a 3D printer with specialised vector points marked out in each step. When applied to your teeth, the aligner will gently push them into the desired location just as it did in the digital model.

Can I take them out when I want to?

Technically, yes, you can take out the aligner as and when you want. However, for this treatment to work effectively, our team advises that you wear the aligners for a minimum of 22 hours a day. If you fail to do this, your teeth may cease to move or even revert to previous positions.

How long does the treatment take?

This will depend on the severity of the misalignment and whether or not you adhere to treatment guidelines set down by our team. But generally speaking, for most patients, an invisible aligner takes between 3 to 6 months to straighten teeth.

Are they more expensive than regular braces?

Surprisingly no, because invisible aligners do not require adjusting or excessive visits to see our team. So, most of our patients actually save money with this orthodontic treatment when compared to traditional orthodontic braces.

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