Invisalign and getting a new smile with Elegance Dental!


It is commonly recognised that having misaligned teeth may cause you to have low self-esteem. However, what is not always considered is the impact that misaligned teeth can have on your oral health as they are more difficult to clean. Misaligned teeth can also cause speech problems and, in some cases, they can even cause jaw pain. Getting your teeth aligned is therefore highly important and not just a cosmetic procedure. At Elegance Dental, we are members of the MiSmile Network, which is one of the largest groups providing Invisalign Hertfordshire in the UK. Over 10,000 smiles have been treated using Invisalign Hertfordshire in this group and it is the only network that is endorsed by the General Dental Council (GDP). We are proud to offer a treatment that is convenient, discreet and efficient, achieving beautiful smiles in as little as 6 to 18 months.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a system that consists of plastic aligners that are placed over the teeth like a gum shield. The aligners are custom-made using iTero technology. The iTero 3D scan of your mouth allows the precise measurements to be collected for your aligners to be made bespoke for you. After this, a 3D animation of how your teeth will look after the treatment has been completed can be generated, so you will know what the end goal is, before you get started!

When the aligners are worn, they apply pressure to the teeth to gently move them into the desired position. You will change between the aligners on a weekly basis, coming to see us at the practice for a check-up every 6 weeks. We will give you enough aligners to change between until your next check-up.

Why should I choose Invisalign?

Invisalign is used to treat mild to moderate alignment issues and it may be that this isn’t a suitable treatment for you. We can ascertain if it is during an initial consultation where we will examine your mouth thoroughly to determine what the treatment options are. If you are offered Invisalign as a method of realigning your teeth, then you should be excited by the many benefits it offers. For example, when you are wearing the plastic aligners, they are transparent, so you should only be able to see your teeth and other people should not realise that you are wearing an appliance in your mouth. This means that you can feel confident wearing them and continuing with your normal life.

Another benefit of choosing Invisalign is the fact that you can remove the aligners when you need to, for up to 2 hours every day. You can therefore eat and drink without having to wear

your aligners, avoiding mess and having to clean them after meals. This flexibility of approach is another reason why Invisalign Hertfordshire is a winner with patients. It also allows you to remove the aligners when brushing and flossing, so you shouldn’t have any issues with maintaining your oral hygiene routine.

What next?

To find out more about Invisalign and whether this is the treatment for your specific needs, simply call us to book in for your initial consultation and let us give you the personalised service you deserve to put a smile on your face.

Virtual Consultation

We offer free virtual consultations for Invisalign and Composite Bonding.