Invisalign Hertfordshire – An Introduction


How many of us wish to improve our smile but are not sure of what options are available to us? Maybe you would like to close a gap or correct your bite but you would like a more discreet dental treatment? Whatever the case may be, if you have been thinking about improving the appearance of your smile and are based in Hertfordshire, you may want to consider visiting our practice Elegance Dental.

About us at Elegance Dental

Located in Hertfordshire, our practice Elegance Dental provides a wide range of treatments within dentistry including general and cosmetic dentistry. We believe in providing both a relaxed and informal atmosphere for our patients, especially those who may be anxious about attending the dentist.

Elegance Dental is led by Dr Erika Schoeman, who has attended to the dental needs of patients for over 23 years. Dr Schoeman and her highly experienced team believe in providing patients with both a comfortable and friendly atmosphere when you visit us.

Cosmetic dentistry at Elegance Dental

Cosmetic dentistry uses a variety of techniques and treatments in order to improve the appearance of a patient’s teeth and smile. At Elegance Dental, we offer cosmetic dental treatments such as teeth whitening, crowns, veneers, white fillers and adult orthodontics.

Orthodontic treatment is continuing to be a popular option for our adult patients who would like to undergo dental treatment to improve their teeth and smile. Luckily with the advancement of dental technology, there are now more treatments available for our adult patients which help to straighten their teeth more discreetly.

Elegance Dental offers orthodontic treatment such as the Inman Aligner, Fastbraces and Cfast. Cfast and Fastbraces both use fixed brackets and wires in order to slowly straighten teeth into their desired position however Cfast is considered to be a gentler and non-invasive orthodontic treatment.

The Inman Aligner however is another option for our patients and is considered to work faster when compared to alternative orthodontic techniques. This is because it is a custom orthodontic appliance which uses ‘space age’ materials in order to efficiently straighten out a patient’s front teeth. Although it may feel uncomfortable for the first few days, the Inman Aligners will soon feel comfortable and the treatment can take between 6 to 16 weeks. One of our dentists however will be able to provide you with a realistic time frame for your personal treatment.

If you like the idea of the Inman Aligner, you may also like the sound of Invisalign Hertfordshire.

What to expect with Invisalign Hertfordshire

Considered to be a modern approach to invisible clear braces, Invisalign is a popular and perfect choice for many of our adult patients. It is not only comfortable, but it is a removable appliance and so discreet that it is almost invisible.

With Invisalign Hertfordshire, you are able to eat and drink your food as normal whilst maintaining good oral hygiene as you are able to remove the aligners in order to brush after every meal and floss when required.

By using Align Technology’s 3D computer technology, we are able to create a unique treatment plan which shows you what to expect during your treatment and how your teeth will look after treatment, helping you to achieve your desired smile.

Virtual Consultation

We offer free virtual consultations for Invisalign and Composite Bonding.