Is it time to realign your potential through Invisalign in Hertfordshire?

Invisalign Hertfordshire

Change your life

Here at Elegance Dental, there is nothing that makes us happier than to see patients fully unlock the potential and beauty that lies behind their smiles. We are firmly of the belief that a smile is one of the most important assets that we all own, and something that should never be hidden. Smiling makes us happier on a chemical level and this happiness is reflected in others and how they respond to us. As such, by making our patients’ smiles the best they can possibly be, through treatments such as Invisalign in Hertfordshire, we can watch as their entire lives become drastically altered and – as a result – far more opportunities and doors become opened to them.

Could Invisalign help me?

Invisalign in Hertfordshire is a procedure in which we’ve noticed a distinct rise in interest from our patients over the last few years. Although, there still remains a large number of people out there who are unaware of exactly what Invisalign in Hertfordshire is, and how it could potentially transform both their smiles and their lives. Most adults are probably familiar with conventional orthodontic braces, and many may have even had them when they were younger – or had friends or siblings who underwent treatment. These braces operate through the use of fixed brackets and metal tension wires. Brackets are fused to the front of each patient’s teeth, and then connected together with a metal wire. Over the duration of treatment, this wire applies tension, as a means of realigning the patient’s tooth shape and giving them a healthier smile. This remains one of the most effective ways of achieving a straight smile, although it presents some obvious issues. These methods of orthodontics are usually clearly visible from the outside, and can negatively impact the patient’s outward appearance for the entirety of treatment. Invisalign however, offers patients a way to achieve the same results, without the treatment being clearly noticeable or having an impact on the way they look. As such, it has become a massively popular alternative, particularly for teenagers and young professionals.

How does the system work?

Rather than align teeth through brackets and wires, the Invisalign method is made entirely out of one, removable plastic dental retainer. This retainer is formed from an impression of each patient’s dental makeup and tooth shape, so that it is moulded to fit their teeth perfectly. The material which is used to create the retainer is a transparent dental plastic called SmartTrack, which is both durable and soft enough to provide comfort to the patient. The system works through the use of deliberately, uniquely placed pressure points, constructed inside the interior of the retainer. These apply pressure over the course of treatment to the specific teeth which are required to be moved, and gradually shift them into place. One of the main appeals of this method of orthodontics – besides the obvious discreet nature – is that the retainer can be removed whenever the patient wishes. Whilst conventional orthodontics are typically fixed in place permanently throughout treatment, Invisalign retainers can be taken on and off at a patient’s leisure. This affords them a level of freedom that no other form of orthodontics can, and allows them to carry on their lives as normal whilst undergoing treatment.

Virtual Consultation

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