Key things you need to know about Invisalign


So, you’ve had enough of your misaligned teeth and have taken the plunge to see our team to have it corrected. Good for you!

In 2023, there are more options than ever to have your teeth straightened, and you may be a good candidate for invisible aligners.

Our team at Elegance Dental has extensive experience when it comes to using invisible aligners, especially Invisalign Hertfordshire, and we can make sure that you get the smile you want and deserve when you come to us to use this aligner. Great!

So, what do you need to know before undertaking Invisalign Hertfordshire? Read on to find out!

Suitability and consultation

It is unfortunate, but not everyone is a candidate for Invisalign Hertfordshire. Before starting treatment, patients should have a comprehensive dental examination and consultation with our team, as we are experienced in aligner therapy. We will assess the patient’s oral health, teeth alignment, and other factors to determine if invisible aligners are the right option.

Remember that invisible aligners are only suitable for people who have mild or moderate cases of orthodontic misalignment on their front teeth. If you have extreme crowding, protrusion, or spacing, then you will likely be more suited to fixed braces.

Compliance and responsibility

Most people are aware that when it comes to wearing fixed braces, the orthodontic team is responsible for how the braces move the teeth; that’s why you need to have tightening and adjustments.

However, as they are removable, invisible aligners require strict adherence to the treatment plan. Patients must wear their aligners for around 22 hours a day and switch to a new set of aligners when they become loose while attending follow-up appointments as scheduled. Compliance is crucial for successful results because if you don’t wear the aligners as needed, then your teeth can revert to how they were, meaning the entire process was a waste of time and money.

Lifestyle changes

Patients need to make certain lifestyle adjustments during their aligner treatment. They should remove the aligners before eating or drinking anything (except water) and brush their teeth before putting the aligners back in. Patients should also avoid smoking or excessive consumption of high-tannin drinks like coffee or red wine, as they can discolour the aligners.

Discomfort and speech changes

Like any orthodontic treatment, invisible aligners can cause some discomfort, especially when starting a new set of aligners. Patients may experience mild soreness or pressure on their teeth, but it should subside within a few days. Additionally, some patients might notice slight changes in their speech patterns during the initial days of treatment, but this usually improves with time as they get used to wearing the aligners.

Treatment duration and expectations

The treatment duration of invisible aligners will vary depending on the complexity of the case, but it typically ranges from about six months to a year. Patients should have realistic expectations about the timeline and the results they can achieve. While invisible aligners can effectively treat many mild to moderate orthodontic issues, severe cases may require traditional braces or additional dental procedures.

Virtual Consultation

We offer free virtual consultations for Invisalign and Composite Bonding.