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At Elegance Dental, our committed and fully qualified professional staff are on hand to help new and existing patients with any form of dental treatment they may seek. Specialising in both cosmetic and general dentistry, and with over 58 years of combined first-hand dental experience, our staff are well equipped to tackle and issues presented by patients. Anyone seeking Invisalign in Hertfordshire or surrounding districts need to look no further than our team of dental cosmetic specialists. With accreditation and membership to the MiSmile Network – the largest providers of Invisalign renters across the country which has helped restore the smile of over 10,000 happy customers, and endorsed by the Invisalign Align Technology — we are a dentists that patients can join feeling comfortable that they will receive the highest degree of standards and excellence within dentistry.

Pulling people together

Invisalign is the most trusted and popular method of discrete orthodontic alignment. Systems such as Invisalign in Hertfordshire and similar methods are offered as a cosmetic alternative to conventional orthodontics and are general opted to address superficial issues such as misaligned or overlapping teeth. Many people find that typically fused metal braces — often referred to as ‘train-tracks’ are largely uncomfortable and have a largely negative impact on the outward appearance of those who wear them. This, in turn, means that those who do wear braces may have their social lives impacted for the duration of treatment, which typically takes a year or more. In response to this, an increasing amount of teenagers and young adults are seeking discrete forms of orthodontics such as Invisalign, which afford them the ability to undertake essential dental realignment without attracting any unwanted scrutiny from either peers or colleagues. This, in turn, can vastly boost the self-esteem and confidence of those who seek treatment.

Invisible ingenuity

The basis of the Invisalign process consists of replacing fused brackets, found on conventional braces, with a removable plastic aligner. This aligner is constructed from a patented SmartTrack plastic chosen for it’s uniquely durable, yet malleable qualities, and is custom-fitted to each patient’s teeth. As a result, no two sets of Invisalign aligners are identical to each other, but rather each is made specially for those who are seeking treatment and cannot be worn by another. This revolutionary method of dental realignment is the only of its nature and was created by Stanford University graduate Zia Chishti, who has replaced notorious dental headgear and dread with a virtually undetectable, uniquely fitted and removable aligners.

Smiling on through

As the Invisalign aligner is removable, this means that — unlike conventional braces — they are lifestyle friendly, no interference with eating, cleaning our teeth and speech. Patients have the freedom to choose when they undertake Invisalign in Hertfordshire, is another massively positive factor in its effect on the self-esteem and mental wellbeing of those who seek treatment. Those who do, can find their sense of confidence rapidly boosted to a point in which they are able to face life head-on and with a smile on their face and without worrying about smiling and exposing teeth which are misaligned or overlapping.

Virtual Consultation

We offer free virtual consultations for Invisalign and Composite Bonding.