Say goodbye to that messy impression with Invisalign Hertfordshire


Until you have had any form of teeth straightening yourself, you have no idea exactly what to expect. So it is only until after the treatment has occurred that people are able to pass comment on what they would like to have improved so that other people have a better experience.

Our dentists go over similar treatment plans time and time again with different patients, there were some parts of the treatment process that they would like to improve. By listening to the feedback of our patients who have had their teeth straightened with Invisalign Hertfordshire, we can make your experience more streamlined and pleasurable.

This is why we are so excited to share with you the innovative Invisalign Hertfordshire. We understand that new patients won’t really get 100% of what we are talking about, but take it from past patients, as well as us old hands at the treatment process, the innovative technology in this treatment system makes a world of difference to the entire treatment experience.

Invisalign Hertfordshire uses an outstanding and innovates technology that enables us to not only digitally perfect the moulds of your teeth, creating a better than ever fit that feels more comfortable and improves effectiveness, but we are able to eliminate the need for messy impressions.

In the past, we needed to use a putty impression to create a mould of your teeth. This needed to be forced into spaces to cover all of your teeth, commonly causing you to gag or in general feel uncomfortable during this process.

Developers have certainly listened to the feedback of all of their patients worldwide, as well as from caring dentists like us who have searched for more productive and comfortable ways in order to make the entire procedure more pleasurable for our patients.

It is yet another positive aspect of the teeth straightening movement that has been developed, where millions of people’s data create meaningful adaptations to our future endeavours. This is why these invisible aligners continue to lead the pack when it comes to teeth straightening devices for teenagers and adults alike.

What exactly is this innovation?

This digital impression system simply put, enables us to capture a very detailed 3D model of your teeth and gums which we use to create the aligners for you to wear. This process is faster than the traditional method and it works better.

During the digital scanning process, you can breathe and swallow normally. You can even pause the process and ask a question, sneeze. The digital scanning doesn’t take very long – less than 5 min.

The scanner takes a complex 3D scan of your teeth and gums. We can use this digital model to show you what your new smile might look like with the Invisalign outcome simulator. This simulator is a great way to get you excited about what your future smile might look like, we love being able to describe the changes that you will experience in a visual way so that you can comprehend it more accurately.

You too can reap the benefits of this new technology by getting in contact with us about your Invisalign journey today.

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