Straight teeth with Invisalign Hertfordshire


You deserve to have a smile that you are proud to share with the world, so how about looking into the options that are available to you, so that you can be more informed of your choices?

These days, there are many different teeth-straightening devices available which can meet, not only your physical needs, but your emotional expectations as well. The result is a treatment plan that you can be comfortable and confident about embarking on, which provides effective and fast results.

We, at Elegance Dental, can streamline your treatment so that it suits your unique needs in the best way possible, eliminating a lot of the extras that come with universal teeth straightening options. For example, some people need to use traditional braces because they present to their dentist with more complex situations. Thus their oral healthcare professional benefits from the ability to precisely manipulate the movement of their teeth and respond in time for the most effective results.

Other people have more common misalignments, or the severity of their incorrect bite or crooked teeth is mild and the potential inconvenience of this constant monitoring from their dentist isn’t as necessary. In these cases, something like Invisalign Hertfordshire might be a more suitable option.

This kind of treatment blends effectiveness with convenience, offering patients a unique treatment plan that allows for a smoother and more comfortable teeth-straightening experience. For those people who are hesitant about straightening their teeth for whatever reason, perhaps Invisalign Hertfordshire is a solution for them.

The results are phenomenal as well, with millions of people singing the praises of the treatment worldwide. If you are interested in learning more about Invisalign Hertfordshire and in seeing whether your smile is suitable for this kind of treatment, then come in for a consultation and to discuss how this treatment works to determine whether it is suitable for you.

How exactly does this treatment differ from a more traditional teeth-straightening route?

This treatment consists of a clear aligner that fits snugly over teeth and gently pushes them into their correct positions. Each aligner is a slightly different shape and over the course of several months, teeth are repositioned and held into a straighter and healthier position.

You will need to wear a retainer at the end of your treatment to ensure that your investment has not been a waste. Teeth have a tendency to snap back into their original positions if not held in place. A retainer, which is generally only needed to be worn at night, helps the ligaments to relax into their new positioning so that your smile can remain at its optimal best.

The aligners themselves need to be worn about 22 hours each day for them to be effective, so even though they are removable, you do need to be committed to wearing them constantly. Because you cannot eat with the aligners in, they are to be removed during meal times and your teeth brushed thoroughly before you replace them.

There are advantages and disadvantages to this treatment, just like with any other procedure available and by speaking with our dentist, you will be able to decide whether this treatment will be the most beneficial to you.

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