Why choose Invisalign Hertfordshire?


Invisalign is a form of discrete orthodontics available at our clinic in Hertfordshire. Invisalign has risen greatly in terms of its popularity in recent years due to its subtle appearance and its affective dental results! Individuals who may lean more towards Invisalign Hertfordshire may feel as if obvious metal dental work (such as conventional metal braces) could not only hinder their self-esteem but also their career prospects.

How do they differ?

Traditional metal braces have been present within the field of dentistry for many years and have proven effective in amending the most severe dental cases, however, our dental clinic is now answering the ever-growing demand for subtle braces. One example of the discrete braces available at our dental clinic is Invisalign Hertfordshire. However, Invisalign produces results far differently than conventional braces.

How do they work?

Clear aligners are essentially see-through trays (made from plastic) that are replaced every few weeks in order to produce amazing dental results. Invisalign has provided over four million happy smiles worldwide (and is therefore popular on the modern dental market). This means it is the trusted brand we offer our patients in Hertfordshire. In terms of how they work, our professional dental team embraces the latest advancements in dental technology (as well as using the highest quality materials) which ensures our patients that we achieve the best possible dental results.

What to expect from the treatment process

Many of our patients who are suffering from overcrowding, irregular spacing, or even general misalignment of the teeth may have heard of Invisalign but they may be unsure of what to expect from the treatment process. Much like any dental treatment available at our fantastic surgery in Hertfordshire, Invisalign starts with an initial consultation. During this quick and easy introductory session our team will assess your pre-treatment smile, as well as answering any questions you may have regarding your chosen treatment. Once our dental team has deciphered that Invisalign is right for your unique dental case you can commence your dental journey!

Embracing the latest advancements in dental technology to tailor-make your dental plan

At our dental clinic in Hertfordshire, we treat every dental case as completely unique. We use our Itero digital scanners to eliminate the need for messy putty which many patients may find unpleasant. Our three-dimensional scanners not only make the entire moulding process far more comfortable but it also makes it far quicker! Itero impressions are entirely digital, which means there’s no delay. With this in mind, our patients can commence their treatment in as little as three weeks!

So… What are the benefits?

Invisalign braces are often referred to as ‘invisible’ within the field of dentistry due to their transparent and therefore aesthetically pleasing physical appearance. In addition to their excellent appearance, Invisalign at our clinic uses modern technology which allows our patients to see a glimpse of their future smile with a three-dimensional digital image.

Why choose us?

Choosing a dental clinic to receive any type of treatment can be tough, especially for those individuals who consider orthodontic braces as a substantial financial investment. With this in mind therefore, we strive to stand out from the rest by boasting a fantastic team of dental healthcare professionals and using high-quality dental materials.

Virtual Consultation

We offer free virtual consultations for Invisalign and Composite Bonding.